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How we're moving


We aim to be the partner
to which other firms aspire.

Each day, we choose to make an uncompromising commitment to:


Redefine the social sector's expectation of search and consulting firms,

Add value that few others can match, but every organization deserves,

Embrace inclusion, diversity, equity, and access, and

Prioritize mission, impact, and dignity over profit.


We represent our social sector clients with integrity and authenticity, systemically building their capacity through humble inquiry, strategic guidance, and by placing the right people in the right roles at the right time. Through all our work, we strive to lift up the entire sector while preserving its professionals' dignity as they navigate their careers. 


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are imperatives that drive our every move.


Cooper Coleman is an LGBTQ+ owned business that embraces demographic, experiential, sexual, disability, and cultural inclusion. We believe everyone is better when leadership reflects the diversity of its people and when an organization reflects the diversity of those it serves.


Our partnerships with every client embrace and prioritize the value of achieving a diverse candidate pool inclusive of all identities. We believe the most qualified candidates are selected from the most diverse representation of talent. Qualified candidates from all backgrounds and identities are included in our candidate sourcing practices, among which are process and compensation transparency. We are resourceful in our deployment and advertisement of job opportunities across diverse professional and social networks—online and offline—to reach every possible qualified and interested candidate.

Our team is individually and collectively committed to inclusion, anti-racism, and equality. Each of us is working to improve our understanding of others' lived experiences, expand our networks' diversity,  and contribute to an equitable society.

As a reflection of our firm’s commitment to equity and equal pay for all, it is Cooper Coleman’s requirement that salary ranges or salary starting points be published for every search we conduct. The practice of not posting salaries perpetuates the gender and racial wage gap and discriminates against people of color and other historically excluded populations by causing individuals to negotiate from a disadvantaged starting point.


Cooper Coleman LLC is proud to be a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise!

We embrace demographic, experiential, sexual, ability, and cultural inclusion.


We hold ourselves, clients, and partners to high standards of equity and inclusion, challenging assumptions along the way.


We work with like-minded people and organizations and seek out diverse candidates to ensure our clients are truly making their selections from the best possible talent pool available. 

We select projects based on their impact, value potential, and the diversity of beneficiaries and missions served by their respective organizations.

News Release March 11, 2021

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