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Keeping the house in order with so many competing priorities is not easy, regardless how big or small your organization might be. We know so much of what you have to do on a daily basis can take away from the bigger picture needs you'd really like to focus on to move your organization forward. 

Work with us to make meaningful progress on the big things, too.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be opaque, complex, and daunting. It can be a pain point for organizations and their leadership—at the board and executive levels or between the two. With many personalities and competing opinions involved or even the absence of time or capacity, it is helpful to have the process guided by an objective third-party facilitator. Maintaining a timeline is important, but adaptability to the changing environment is also essential. Despite what is going on, internally or externally, having a strategic planning partner can ease communication and appropriately lean into the conflict or tension to elicit critical, strategic thinking from the group. Likewise, we can assure balanced participation from the appropriate stakeholders, while upholding the required accountability to keep the process moving forward without consuming more time than necessary. A sound, cohesive finished product and a clear path forward will yield astonishing results.

Interim Leadership + Change Management

Leadership transitions are inevitable. Having a highly skilled leader temporarily take the helm of an organization (CEO/Executive Director) or an essential team (COO/Chief Development Officer) will reduce the negative impact on staff, operations, and performance. The Bridgespan Group suggests "employing an interim executive in the right position at the right time can help an organization move forward in significant ways"[1]. Likewise, interim leadership can also help board and staff address systems, capacity, and operational issues while also preparing for a permanent leader. A leadership stopgap will lay the foundation for the new leader's success and prevent withdrawal and disengagement of some high-capacity producers needing consistent support and leadership.


You can plan for the expected challenges, but the unexpected is where organizations find themselves in trouble. Culture and morale can be easily damaged but take unknowable time and effort to recover. Staff and board engagement could wane, setting the new leader up for unnecessary difficulties. As part of your succession planning, prepare for the unknown challenges, prevent erosion of effectiveness, and manage the downside risk of significant change. Anticipate the possibility an interim leader is needed to get your organization through a change process. Transition can be a positive change. Each transition is unique to the respective role and organization, so please reach out to discuss your organization's particular needs.


Professional Development + Staff Coaching

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Board Development + Training

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Solicitation Training

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Retreat Facilitation

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Cultural Analysis

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Talent Mapping + Search Process Consulting

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Whatever your needs, share them with us and we will get to work helping you turn your challenges into opportunities.

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